Tools and Resources

For those of you that would like some additional help we are here to do just that! Since we have a lot of experience with WordPress, we can assist you getting the job done quickly. Here are some of the things we can do..

- WordPress theme install = $9.95 - 149.95

- Monthly SEO (per keyword) = 99.95/month - 249.95/month (depending on  difficulty)
As you know, getting ranked for specific keywords on the first page of Google can be easy in some cases, and not so easy in others. We'll never promise something that we cannot deliver.

- Custom website/theme or customization services = There really is no way to quote a price on this one without knowing what you need. We have done sites that ranged from $695 - $15,000, so we need to talk!

There are a ton of other things we do too. We have software that will submit your articles, help you get indexed and ranked, set up YouTube channels, and some other tricks we have learned over the years that will get your site ranked.



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